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10-4 Truck Disptach
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Truck Dispatch 10-4 is a small truck dispatch company run by two former dispatchers that have experience working as brokers as well for over 7 years.

Our aim is providing excellent truck dispatch services for small trucking companies and owner operators with their own authority. We have expertise with working on different load boards such as DAT, Truckstop, Trucker Path etc. We also offer lanes from our dependable partners at various brokerage firms with which we have previous experience.

We constantly try our best to assist you in locating the freight that pays the highest rate.

Currently we have 10 dispatchers working for our organization, and they have all had more than 4 years of expertise handling dry and temperature-controlled freight.

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For Owner Operators/Drivers

Being a driver is not an easy profession, thus we concentrate on negotiating the maximum rates on your behalf so that you are compensated for your time spent driving.

Our responsibility is to map out your routes, load your trucks, ensure that everything goes smoothly throughout the load’s travel, and ensure that you are promptly unloaded.

Our truck dispatch company makes sure you receive your detention and layover pay if there are any delays. We also set your company up for future businesses with various brokerage firms and directly with shippers so you can concentrate on growing your business.

Truck Dispatch
10-4 Truck Disptach
Build Your Outsourcing Dispatch Office With Us

The method of using an outsourcing dispatch company has been found very beneficial in the trucking business.

The majority of carriers registered in the United States are relocating their capital in developing their dispatch offices in foreign countries due to reduced salary costs for human resources. With our expertise in managing an outsourcing dispatch team, we offer our clients guidance trough developing and managing their outsourcing office.

We help you locate your office, recruit the proper team that will fit the needs of your company, and help you grow and expand the office. This method has been found very useful due to reducing costs for human resources down by 50% and in the meantime delivering the same dispatching performances in terms of rate negotiating and gross revenues.

10-4 Truck Disptach

We Specialize In

Dry Van
Truck Dispatch

If you’re searching for a truck dispatcher to handle your dry van freight, you’ve come to the right place. This firm can provide you with expert truck dispatching services that will give you peace of mind. Call right away.

Truck Dispatch

Truck Dispatch 10-4 has you covered if you need a flatbed truck dispatcher to handle your flatbed or conestoga freight. For serious truck drivers, we provide expert truck dispatch services. Get in touch with our freight dispatchers.

Truck Disptach

Our truck dispatchers at Truck Dispatch 10-4 can assist you in achieving your objectives. If you’re seeking for a reefer truck dispatcher to handle your reefer freight. Contact us right now to talk with one of our knowledgeable truck dispatchers.

Truck Dispatch

Why Choose 10-4

Due to our modest size, we are adaptable to changes and provide daily direct communication with the proprietors of the business for any concerns. In terms of the states you feel comfortable driving in, we adjust to your needs. With us, you may choose how to organize your trips and return home times. Our experienced dispatch team is very adaptable to your needs. If you want your truck company to grow and drive for above market prices, Truck Dispatch 10-4 is the partner for you!

✔️ We use our negotiating abilities to secure the most profitable loads

✔️ We converse and work together with freight brokers

✔️ We will connect you with a variety of brokerage companies to help you grow

✔️ Dedicated Dispatcher

✔️ No forced dispatch, you choose your own routes

✔️ Requests and payments for Lumpers/Layovers are handled by us

✔️ Most profitable and competitive dispatch company on your team

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Referral Program

We are well aware that a good word always attracts new partners. That’s why we’ve implemented a Referral Program in which we value your recommendations to other truck hauling companies.

Get additional benefits and discounts by sharing to your business friends and partners about your experience working with us. You will receive an additional benefit in the form of a commission fee for each new partner who begins working with our team as a result of your referral.

We want to make your experience with Truck Dispatch 10-4 enjoyable and profitiable. Let’s dominate the market together!

What Our Clients Say About Us

10-4 Dispatch is Fantastic This company is everything a truck driver should look for in a dispatch service. They negotiate great prices with brokers, phone you to offer loads for the next day, and manage getting amended rate confirmation for detention pay and lay overs. I'm delighted to have them on our team!
Chris Theriault
Chicago, IL
My trucking company would not be where it is today if it weren't for Truck Dispatch 10-4. Their truck dispatch service keeps my company running effectively. They are consistently booking $3.00+ per mile loads for my OTR drivers. I would strongly advise anyone wishing to transfer their dispatching to use their services.
Alisha Leone
Miami, FL
I am a business owner with a very picky personality. I constantly seek the best loads. Since I've been operating with 10-4, they've consistently offered the best dispatching service. After my morning deliveries, I always have loads ready to go. If not for them, I would still be anxiously trying to book my own cargo. I thoroughly recommend them!
Andrew Harman
Cleveland, OH